Streaming from aux-in LyraT

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Streaming from aux-in LyraT

Postby vinterlord » Wed Mar 04, 2020 6:39 pm

Hello guys,
I was wondering if there is the chance to live stream the aux-input of the LyraT to another receiving LyraT.

I'm thinking about a client-server configuration over http and I've seen some code examples that should almost fit for the client (see "HTTP Play and Save Pipeline Example"). But I cannot clearly figure out how to do the streamer server.

Looking at the examples, the only way that comes in my mind is to record the aux-input samples to a file that is going to be read by the client.. than at least a way to empty the file is needed for preserving the space..
but I don't know if this can work anyhow..

Do you have any suggestions? thanks!

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