ESP32 IoTuz Demo for IoTuz board and WROVER

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ESP32 IoTuz Demo for IoTuz board and WROVER

Postby marcmerlin » Mon Apr 17, 2017 1:03 am


After around close to 100H of work, I wrote a full driver for the IoTuz ESP32 board that probably no one has, but I've ported the code to somewhat work on WROVER too (although it lacks a touch screen)
See ... board.html

and the original IoTuz board this was written for originally: ... -2017.html

TL;DR video:
or seen on a WROVER:

If you have an older WROVER with ILI9341, tetris and breakout should work once you tweak the joystick to work
If you have a newer WROVER with ST7789V chipset, the games won't work (sorry), but that's an opportunity for you to port them away from the custom TFT2 library they use, back to the Adafruit API which also works with WROVER


Enjoy :)

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