ESP32-S2 SPI Slave send data- bytes seperated by CS

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ESP32-S2 SPI Slave send data- bytes seperated by CS

Postby fabian_ » Fri Jan 14, 2022 7:38 pm

I am working at a spi communication where esp32-s2 is configured as slave. Configuration of spi and receiving data is working with spi_slave example.

The problem is, that SPI master (receive) is only accepting one byte at a time seperated by a CS high.
8 clk pulses -> CS puls -> 8 clk pulses -> CS puls....

First I tried some things with spi_slave_transmit function.
As it does not work out as expected I now try to get it to work with:

spi_slave_queue_trans followed by spi_slave_get_trans_result.
I am not sure how to queue the bytes to send for example 4 bytes separated into 1bytes with queue_trans and get_trans.
Am I right that I have to queue the data and than call the get_trans function to send all data out?

Would be really helpfull if someone has a hint how to handle data in that peticular case.

best wishes,

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