ESP32 HTTP2 Client Tutorials (Arduino core)

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ESP32 HTTP2 Client Tutorials (Arduino core)

Postby anteph » Sat Dec 08, 2018 6:20 pm


Here are some HTTP/2 client examples using the Arduino core.

These are mainly experimental, playing around with the sh2lib wrapper from IDF (used as an Arduino lib). The sh2lib wrapper offers some higher level APIs on top of NGHTTP2, making it easier to get started.

- Connecting to HTTP/2 server: ... to-server/
- GET request: ... t-request/
- GET request with continuous stream response: ... -response/
- Addind headers to GET request: ... t-request/
- Using query parameters on GET request: ... arameters/
- GET request and Brotli compressed response handling: ... d-content/

Hope this is helpful :)

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