Google Dialogflow on ESP32 !

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Google Dialogflow on ESP32 !

Postby ESP_Hrishi » Thu Jan 24, 2019 7:12 am

ESP32 now supports Google Dialogflow in Voice Assistant SDK (

Dialogflow (previously known as API.AI) is a voice enabled conversational interface from Google. It enables IoT users to include natural language user interface in their applications, services and devices. Now, with a single button press or with a custom wakeword, you can talk with the coffee machine so that it makes a coffee of your choice or you can even instruct the laundry to make it wash clothes as per the configuration you want.
In short, you can make your devices interactive and smart by conversing with them in a seamless way. With no certification hassles, and complete control over the conversation, it can be a faster way to build voice-enabled smart devices.

For an example laundry project, you can wake the device using a button press (tap-to-talk) and say command like:
Start the laundry with temperature 68 and heavy wash cycle
Dialogflow: Started laundry with temperature 68 and heavy wash cycle
You can also initiate multi-turn conversations like:
Turn on the laundry
(Dialogflow: At what temperature) 75
(Dialogflow: What is the wash cycle) Light wash cycle
Dialogflow: Started laundry with temperature 75 and light wash cycle

The implementation uses gRPC APIs so that the response time is faster and the audio conversation feels much natural.
For more details, please refer the README here: ...

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